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6 Tips That Will Help You Ease Arthritis Pain


Have you been missing out on a lot of outdoor fun with the family because your joint pain has been acting up? Well, these tips should help you turn down the notch on your arthritis pain. Read on to find out more about it.

To get started, you should…

  1. Lose weight

    People who are on the heavy side experience a more intense joint pain because their weight increases the force and friction dealt on their joints. But as you start to get slimmer, the tension on your joints should decrease, allowing you to move a lot easier, too.

  2. Do more exercise

    Exercising aims to help you lose weight and improve your mobility. And don’t worry, going to the gym is not the only option for doing exercise. You can still remain physically active by taking walks, swimming, doing a bit of gardening work, or even cleaning your home. What’s important is you make an effort to get moving.

  3. Try using a hot or cold therapy

    Do your joints need a more direct approach to pain relief? Try taking a long warm bath or shower in the morning, it should help ease the stiffness in your joints. But if you’re concerned about the inflammation, a nice cold compress to the affected area should do the trick.

  4. Consider doing meditation

    Increased levels of stress are one of the major factors that cause your arthritis pain to flare up. When you can, try to practice a meditation routine that encourages mindfulness. It will help you feel more comfortable (and perhaps even improve your sleep at night!).

  5. Schedule for physical therapy

    It can enhance your condition in many ways. Aside from helping you deal with pain, undergoing therapy will also increase the flexibility of your muscles and range of motion, too. If you don’t like going to the clinic for a therapy session, you can enjoy your therapy sessions at home by reaching out to home health care agencies in your area. Now, isn’t that convenient?

  6. Improve medication management

    Taking the painkillers as prescribed by your physician will greatly help you to overcome chronic pain. By sticking to your prescription schedule, the effect of your treatment will be much more continuous and it should prevent you from experiencing any discomfort during your day.

If you have concerns about your current pain medication, you can consult about it with your physician or a with a skilled pharmacist from Palace Drugs and Liquors. Being an outstanding community pharmacy in Jersey City, New Jersey, we will do our best to meet your needs.

And as we are a health services pharmacy in New Jersey, availing services from us comes with other benefits, too. By transferring your prescription in our care, you are able to access our FREE blood pressure testing, FREE delivery service, and more! Get in touch with us today to learn more on how we can help you achieve better health.

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