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4 Simple Practices to Ensure Safe Use of Medication


Medication adherence is crucial for an effective treatment plan. When your doctor issues you a prescription, you need to diligently follow it to get better. Unfortunately, not everyone follows their treatment plan successfully. Over millions of Americans commit dangerous medication mistakes. So instead of their health getting better, it gets worse.

To help you prevent committing medications mistakes, we made a list of simple practices to ensure the safe use of medications. Prevent serious health consequences by living by these following habits:

  1. Ask your doctor

    Do not leave your doctor’s office with tons of questions in mind. If you do not understand a detail about your treatment plan, clarify by asking questions. Do not hesitate to ask. The more you understand your medications, the better. Ask about what each medicine is for, how long you need to take it, how many times in a day, and what are the possible side effects.

  2. Ask your pharmacist

    If you happen to fail to ask your doctor, ask your local pharmacist. Pharmacists are trained professionals in the safe use of medication. They are an essential member of your healthcare team. They can answer your queries regarding your treatment plan. You do not need to schedule an appointment for a consultation. You can simply drop by at our healthcare pharmacy in New Jersey for your medication questions.

  3. Double check

    After a pharmacist refills your prescription, make it a habit to double check your medications. Most patients just leave right after getting what they need. Before leaving the premises, check if the pharmacist got your prescription right. Look into the expiration date as well. Although pharmacists are trained to accurately dispense medications – you can never be sure until you double check.

  4. Follow prescription

    Diligently follow through your doctor’s prescription. Take your medications at the right time, in the exact dosage (never more, never less), and for how long it was prescribed. Do not abruptly stop taking the medicine just because you are starting to feel better unless your doctor tells you so. Refrain going against your doctor’s orders. Consult your doctor first.

Palace Drugs and Liquors values your health. We encourage you to practice these habits for a safer use of medication. If you have any questions about your health and medications, please do not hesitate to visit our community pharmacy in Jersey City, New Jersey. We will do our best to answer your queries.

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