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5 Tips to Lower Blood Pressure the Natural Way


According to researchers from one of America’s top universities, high blood pressure or hypertension contributes to over 15% of deaths in the country alone. In a way, you can consider it a silent killer because while it doesn’t show any symptoms, it increases one’s chances of suffering from heart and kidney failure, cognitive decline, and aneurysm.

And get this! According to the American Heart Association, more than 25% of people from the United States have no idea they have high blood pressure. Scary, isn’t it? If you or your family members are ever in doubt about having this condition, make sure to visit your doctor immediately!

There are a variety of ways to combat hypertension. One is by using natural home remedies that help lower blood pressure.

  • Deep breathing exercises. Meditating and breathing slowly helps significantly decrease stress hormones that lead to raised blood pressure. You can make a routine of inhaling deeply and expanding your stomach five minutes during the morning or at night. In every exhale, you’re slowly able to release all the tension in your body.
  • A supplement can help. Studies have found that a particular type of antioxidant required for the production of energy dilates the blood vessels thereby reducing blood pressure. You may contact reputable pharmacies like Palace Drugs and Liquors, a Community Pharmacy in Jersey City, New Jersey, for more information.
  • Power walks and exercising. Patients who suffer from hypertension would do well in taking fitness walks every early morning or late afternoon. Research has shown that brisk walking is an ideal exercise that leads to one’s heart utilizing oxygen more efficiently. This way, your heart wouldn’t have to work too hard to pump blood.
  • A little alcohol beverage can help you out. Alcohol has been known to drop blood pressure – to a certain point. So if you’re interested in taking yours down a notch, you may want to engage in some light drinking.
  • Don’t overwork yourself. There are times when you just can’t stop working. We’ll have you know that non-stop work can increase your risk of high blood pressure by a staggering 15%. This is because you’ll hardly have any time to prepare healthy meals, exercise, or even rest. These tough economic times may be taking their toll on you but don’t let the situation get worse by dangerously tiring yourself out. Try to clock out a little bit earlier than usual next time.

Taking medication can help too! If you feel yourself requiring the need of medicine to reduce your blood pressure, feel free to get in touch with us at Palace Drugs and Liquors. We are a Health Services Pharmacy in New Jersey committed to providing personalized health solutions that meet our clients’ specific needs. You may contact us at 201-432-3300 with your inquiries.
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