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6 Strategies to Get Away from Diabetes


Diabetes cases are increasing drastically. Because of the present unhealthy lifestyle and food choices of the people, the number continues to grow through the past years. Worse, diabetes can cause more serious health problems. In New Jersey alone, diabetes is the culprit of at least 2, 000 deaths in the state every year (

So we should do something about it. Every community pharmacy in Jersey City, New Jersey should help in advocating lifestyle changes among the people to minimize the amounts of people who have diabetes.

What changes can you adopt to reduce the risk for diabetes? Palace Drugs and Liquors has these tips for us.

  1. Lose excess body weight.

    Most people who develop diabetes, especially Type 2 diabetes, are overweight or obese. Since excess visceral fat increases insulin resistance and inflammation, the heavier we are; the greater risk of diabetes we are facing. And the opposite is true ― the more weight we lose, the more anti-diabetes benefits we get.

  2. Drink water.

    Choosing water as our primary beverage in every meal is a good strategy of preventing diabetes. Firstly, drinking water could help us avoid beverages which are high in sugar and other preservatives. Moreover, more water in the body aids in flushing out wastes off our body.

  3. Move.

    By moving, we mean practicing a regular exercise routine. The main reason why most physicians recommend their patients to exercise is because of the many advantages that this provides. For example, if we exercise daily, we lose weight. Once we start to lose weight, our blood sugar levels stay at a healthy range.

  4. Get enough sleep.

    Sleep is the most effective manner of rest for our body. Meanwhile, lack of sleep and poor quality of sleep increases our risk to diabetes. People who do not have enough rest have the tendency to eat more; hence, the more opportunity of consumption of food which triggers diabetes. Also, less sleep increases insulin resistance, so the body fails to use glucose for energy and this shoots up blood sugar levels. A health services pharmacy in New Jersey can provide us something to aid us in sleeping better, but it is only ourselves who could get a quality sleep.

  5. Eat a High-Fiber Diet.

    Meals loaded with dietary fiber have numerous advantages to the body. Other than the fact that it helps us lose weight, a high-fiber diet also improves disturbances of carbohydrate and fat metabolism.

  6. Avoid stress.

    People who are exposed to too much stress are at greater risk to diabetes. When we are frustrated and depressed our body experiences difficulty in controlling blood sugar levels. Besides, when we are too stressed out, isn’t it that we crave for more sweets?

Let’s evaluate our lifestyle. Do we have habits which could make us easy prey to diabetes? If so, we should consider making changes in the way we live our life and protect our health better.

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